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Aftermarket parts are the parts of vehicle available in the market and used as replacement of the original parts of a vehicle.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are those components of a vehicle that were used during its original construction and assembly by the manufacturer. These parts are not necessarily manufactured by the car builder but are used in its original assembly.

The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) was established in the public interest in 1987 to set up and oversee a testing program to assure the suitability and quality of automotive replacement parts. CAPA Certification is even recognized by government regulators as an assurance of quality.

Partlink is a universal numbering system for the identification of aftermarket collision replacement parts. It provides a unique, universal part number for each independently reproduced replacement part as supplied by all aftermarket manufacturers/suppliers.

We include OEM Part Number and Partslink in our listings. The OEM part number and Partslink ensure that the part is the same as the same one your dealership would use.

NSF automotive is an independent 3rd party certifier of automotive aftermarket, provides global certification service throughout the automotive supply chain and accredited to develop and certify to a range of automotive industry standards. Established certify aftermarket auto parts in North America and Australia.

All merchandise sold by Best Value Auto Body Supply is only subject to manufacturer’s warranty and conditions, if any, and is subject to submission to the manufacturer for inspection and approval for repair, or replacement of merchandise.

All other accessories are subject to a 30-day warranty, light bulbs 90 day cliquez sur ce lien. No warranty whatsoever will be valid if the defect was caused by customer’s abuse, negligence, or mishandling.

Our parts do not come with any accessories. We highly recommend reusing any accessories from old parts that are not damaged. If you do need installation hardware, your local dealership, hardware or auto parts stores will typically have them.